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After a holiday, I'm ready to fall in love with music again. Listen here to what I've found.

I've just come back from a hugely undeserved holiday, in which I spent most of the week listening to absolutely no music at all -- except the odd bit of 1920s jazz over cocktails, of course. This rest on the ears has resulted in me returning with a sort of fresh palette, or rejuvenated tympanic membrane, with everything I hear sounding suspiciously brilliant.

I don't know whether to trust my ears, they seem a bit too easy to please. Since yesterday, they have fallen in love with the new Woods single "Pushing Onlys". Woods are essentially a bit hippie and very suited to the outbreak of summer. This is a teaser track from the album Sun and Shade which is out in June:

"Pushing Onlys" - Woods by forcefieldpr  

My ears have also become a little smitten with the entire works of a Brooklyn band called La Big Vic, who make music best suited for space:

Musica by La Big Vic  

There's more by them here.

Then there's an album by a serious-looking chap called Sven Kacirek from Hamburg, Germany. Sven has made an album called The Kenya Sessions, a part of something called the Project Tracing Dance, in which he combines his own noises with field recordings and live tracks collected whilst in Nairobi.

The video below is a little odd but the music is without question a treat -- and the featured voice of 80-year-old Ogoya Nengo is enough to make me never question my ears again.


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