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I appear to have been made DJ to the Royal Wedding. What shall I play?

It's just occurred to me that I'll be doing a radio show on Friday 29 April from 21:00 to 00:00. That kind of makes me the official Royal Wedding DJ.

I'm surprised people aren't making more of a deal of this, to be honest, but being a fairly humble servant today I have just quietly gone about picking some records for the special day that I think might be appropriate.

The first song I've chosen is "Underwear" by FM Belfast. It's about running around in your underwear and there is a live version out now that sounds very much like it is taking place at a street party. Very appropriate.


Next is Wax Idols and "William Says", a very messy, noisy record made by a group of very messy-looking American girls. Apart from the convenient title, I think Kate and Wills might just really like it.

02 Gooey Gooey (WILLIAM SAYS) by waxidols  

Finally, there's Weekend and "End Times". It will be the weekend and thanks to the lovely couple a rather long one; this is my way of thanking them. "End Times" is one of those records that when the sun is out gets you terribly excited that something wonderful will happen if you just step out of the house, lets all step out together. Party!


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