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The Friday Arts Diary

Our cultural picks for the week ahead.


Horniman Museum: Bali - Dancing for the Gods (16 April - 8 Jan)
An exhibition centred on Balinese culture, featuring film, photography, puppets, masks and other artefacts.


Bloomsbury Theatre: Stephen Fry's "Twitter Joke Trial Gig" (15 April)
Stephen Fry holds forth in defence of freedom of speech in order to raise the costs of legal fees for the defence of Paul Chambers: the man arrested for tweeting an obvious joke.

Classical Music

Kings Place: Leon McCawley plays Mozart (15 April - 17 April)
Part of the Mozart Unwrapped series, McCawley will play Mozart's piano concertos in chronological order of composition.


Shakespeare's Globe: The Bible (17 April - 25 April)
The Globe begin their "The Word of God" season with a complete read-through of the 1611 King James Bible, featuring a company of 20 actors.


The Queen's Gallery: Dutch Landscapes (15 April - 9 Oct)
42 paintings taken from the Royal Collection's holding of 17th-century Dutch landscapes.

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