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Free album for download; and more African guitar pop.

Here is all you need this week: It's a sampler album from a record label called, as you might guess, Song, By Toad.

On an average week I need to find around 32 mega new records to delight my ever-so fussy listeners with and these guys have kindly done half of this week's job for me.

For those of you that are lazy, the best of tracks on there are "King Korpze" by Lil Daggers, an exciting rock number that starts off sounding like it might be by the White Stripes but isn't; "Flittin'" by Meursault, which is only a demo so is kind of dirty-sounding and should probably stay that way; and "Yarvil" by Inspector Tapehead which is very pretty and my friend Matt says he doens't like. Here's a video of Inspector Tapehead in session for Song, by Toad:


If you don't like any of these, and I'll be strangely impressed if you don't, then head here: I mentioned last week my love of the new Ngunni Lovers Lovers record and well, here are loads of tracks off the same label.

If you don't like these then I'm afraid you can't be saved . . . sorry.

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