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Alain de Botton on religion for atheists, John Gray on Ayn Rand, and Ryan Gilbey on Toy Story 3.

This week, to tie in with our Godless Britain special, Alain de Botton explores the life of Auguste Comte, who founded a "religion for atheists" in the 19th century. Elsewhere, John Gray discusses the crackpot creed of the Russian émigrée novelist Ayn Rand, and Chris Mullin reviews Deborah Mattinson's book Talking to a Brick Wall, on the remaking of New Labour.

In Books, Ed Smith lauds an account of golf's most dramatic tournament of recent years -- the 2009 Open; Olivia Laing discusses Nicholas Shakespeare's new rags-to-riches novel, Inheritance; and Anthony Howard shares his undergraduate memories of the Christ Church historian Hugh Trevor-Roper, whose biography by Adam Sisman is published this week.

Marking the start of the summer blockbuster season, Ryan Gilbey reviews Toy Story 3 and Inception, and we have the rest of our award-winning critics columns on television, radio art and video games. Plus the inimitable Will Self, this week on football mania.

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