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In The Critics this week

Why David Flusfeder hates Mozart, Hain on Mandelson and Laurie Penny on baby boomers.

This week, the novelist David Flusfeder takes aim at Mozart, arguing that the composer is overrated. Ryan Gilbey salutes Andrew Kötting's latest, dreamy, off-kilter film and Rachel Cooke is reminded of her childhood by a BBC documentary on camping.

In Books, Peter Hain finds that the memoirs of his erstwhile cabinet colleague Peter Mandelson play "right into the media fiction . . . that ours was a disastrous government".

The author Emma Larkin talks to Samira Shackle about her writing on Burma's military regime, Leo Robson reviews Michael Wood's book on Yeats and Laurie Penny excoriates the baby boomer generation.

Plus, we have the rest of our critics' award-winning columns: Andrew Billen on theatre, Daniel Trilling on radio (Antonia Quirke is back next week) and Will Self's Real Meals.

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