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In the Critics this week

New fiction by Julie Myerson, Ryan Gilbey on Serge Gainsbourg and our Edinburgh preview.

The novelist Julie Myerson has contributed an exclusive short story, "The Gardener", to this week's magazine. Ryan Gilbey reviews the new Serge Gainsbourg biopic and our critics give their picks of the best art, theatre, music and comedy to see in Edinburgh this August. Sophie Elmhirst stands in for Rachel Cooke on TV, giving the thumbs up to the BBC's new Sherlock Holmes series.

In Books, John Gray demolishes the "social Darwinism" of the former Northern Rock chair Matt Ridley, while Leo Robson interviews the critic Christopher Ricks and reviews Howard Jacobson's latest comic novel. And the novelist Toby Litt explores a new history of "visionary" English folk music.

Plus, we have the rest of our award-winning columns: Andrew Billen on Punchdrunk's latest immersive theatre production, Antonia Quirke on Woman's Hour and Will Self on the cult of Stieg Larsson.

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