The greatest political songs of all time

Top 20 to be announced this Thursday.

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Daniel Trilling blogged about a list of the 20 greatest political songs being compiled by the Political Studies Association. The PSA has now whittled its longlist down to a final list of 20. And we'll be revealing it in the next issue of the New Statesman (available from Thursday 25 March).

That final list will be accompanied by an essay by the cultural critic, blogger and one-time deputy editor of The Wire magazine Mark Fisher on the possibility of political pop in the age of hyper-commodification. We'll also be hosting a podcast here at in which I'll discuss the list, and the relationship between pop and politics more generally, with Professor John Street of the University of East Anglia, who is the author of several books on the subject. Our ruminations will be interspersed with songs from the list of 20, all which will be available in an exclusive NS download.

Details of how to download the podcast, plus the results of the deliberations of the PSA's panel of judges and the votes of its members, will be in our next issue, which is available on the news-stands this Thursday (25 March).

Jonathan Derbyshire is Managing Editor of Prospect. He was formerly Culture Editor of the New Statesman.