East Dulwich up in arms

Sydenham-based columnist hits a nerve

Over on the East Dulwich forum ("Coffee tastes best at . . . Blue Mountain? Caffè Nero? The East Dulwich Café?"), debate is raging over our Class Monitor column by Michael Hodges on the area's Buggy Moms - "middle-class women who have had their children late in life" and who, disastrously, park their baby wagons between the writer and his takeaway coffee.

While several commenters diagnose "issues", others are with Hodges: "it's getting like War of the Worlds out there", apparently.

But not everyone is up for a fight. "Any time someone writes, or thinks: 'This bunch of people are horrible because they do [this thing I hate,]' they are allowing a prejudice to develop," points out one. After all, rude people come in all sorts of guises: "people who like cafe nero, people who like Luca's". Nice to see someone has faith that we can all get along, despite our differences.