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The 10 most ridiculous Apple iOS 6 map mistakes

The stretched Eiffel Tower and the vanishing Tokyo station: Apple's new maps don't work too well.

The earth. Photograph: theamazingios6maps.tumblr.com

Apple's new mapping service for the iPhone, which is part of its operating system update, is provoking a huge backlash from users, as the system makes mistake after mistake.

Here are ten of the most ridiculous.

1. They shrank the Sears Tower in Chicago:

2. The Manhattan end of the Brooklyn Bridge looks like it's had a bit of an accident:

3. They messed up their image of an Apple store (terrible advertising):


4. Helsinki now has a railway station in the park:

5. A greenfield site in Dublin called "Airfield" has been labelled as as an airport:

(Image from Gavan Reilly/TheJournal.ie)

6. A search for "London" sometimes brings you to the one in Canada:

(via ausbt.com)

7. Paddington station's gone:

(via ausbt.com)

8. Doncaster is now only searchable as "Duncaster":

(via phonearea.com)

9. Tokyo station is no more:

(via ausbt.com)

10. And the Eiffel Tower looks kinda odd:

(via theamazingios6maps.tumblr.com)

It seems Apple is taking "think different" to another level.

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