Waving goodbye

An animated Tony, Election 2007 and other matters

We've brought in a couple of rather fetching innovations in the past couple of days. First we fulfilled a long-held ambition to see Blair waving goodbye by popping an animation on our homepage.

Then we finally introduced a carousel which means we can plug six or more articles at a time when people first arrive on the site.

Meanwhile people continue to blog from France ahead of the final stage of the presidential elections and we've had non-stop coverage of the votes in Scotland, Wales and the English regions. Contributions from Plaid, Solidarity, Scottish Nationalists, Greens, Lib Dems and Labour plus journalists and others.

It's been great reading the different views from across the UK. I recommend in particular Ric Metcalfe's report on Labour losing control in Lincoln. He's understandably miffed at Blair's decision to announce his departure and then linger on in power.

We'd also like to hear your verdicts on the Blair era. You can read the thoughts of David Hare, Geoff Mulgan, David Marquand, Suzanne Moore, John Gray and many more and then share your opinions by clicking here

And during the coming days we will hear from teachers, nurses, defence experts and others as they give their reckoning on the achievements and disappointments of 10 years of New Labour. This and much, much more.

Exciting times in British politics and we will be bringing you regular updates as events unfold.

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