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Bloomberg introduces new Android app for business professionals

The new app for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, and now Android allows users to read stories while

Bloomberg has introduced its new Android app, including news and stock home screen widgets, to enable business executives access Bloomberg news and market data, and track stock portfolios.

The new app, which adds to Bloomberg's portfolio available on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, and now Android, is the business and finance app for Android that allows users to read stories while off-line.

The new app provides news related to particular stocks, and users can create personalised views of the news by industry, region, exclusivity or popularity, the news agency said.

Bloomberg Mobile global head Oke Okaro said that Bloomberg uniquely harnesses technology to combine data, news and information into integrated tools that are relevant for our users.

Bloomberg's apps are designed to deliver the critical news and market information, which include interactive charts that enable users to drill down on information that's personally relevant for them.