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4. China Construction Bank | Top 10 BRIC companies

Another Chinese banking behemoth, second only to ICBC in market value.

Market capitalisation: $186.3 billion

China Construction Bank is the second largest bank by market capitalisation in the world, trailing only to ICBC. Founded in 1954, CCB is mainly state owned, but Bank of America also has a significant share in the company, having bought 9 per cent of share for $3 billion back in 2006.

The rest of the bank is owned by the government-controlled Central Huijin Investment Company. Indeed, in a Telegraph interview in August of last year, chairman Zhang Jianguo noted that the bank's strategy was "in line with central government policy."

The bank has had its share of problems. Stories of corrupt executives blowing money in Macau have dented the company's image, as well as the news that the bank felt it necessary to discipline as many as 40,000 of its own staff.

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