Toyota paid $10m to car-crash family

Amount of settlement previously kept confidential.

Toyota paid $10m to settle a lawsuit over a fatal car crash in 2009 due to a stuck accelerator pedal, which left four people dead, it has been revealed.

The Japanese automaker reached an out-of-court deal in September with the families of California highway patrol officer Mark Saylor and three others who died in an August 2009 crash in San Diego.

The amount of the settlement had been kept confidential until a judge ordered that the sum be made public. Larry Willis, an attorney for Bob Baker Lexus, the San Diego car dealership that loaned the Lexus ES350 to Mark Saylor, revealed the amount.

"Toyota and the families reached a private, amicable settlement through mutual respect and cooperation without the involvement of the courts," said the auto company in a statement. "So we are disappointed that the amount of this settlement has now been made public against the express wishes of these families and Toyota."

Mark Saylor, his wife, their daughter and Saylor's brother-in-law were killed when their car crashed after accelerating to over 120 mph (190km/h), because the accelerator got trapped in a faulty floormat.