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Hyundai launches HD-series mid-sized truck in Europe

New model is powered by the company's proprietary F-engine.

Korean automaker Hyundai Motor has launched HD-series mid-sized truck (HD55 and HD65) in Spain and Portugal, known as 'Mighty' in Korea.

Hyundai Motor said that the European model is a customized version of the original Mighty, catering to the specific needs of European customers.

The new model is powered by the company's proprietary F-engine, which meets the Euro 5 emission standards and has 118 kw (160 horsepower) with 588 Nm (60 kg-m) of torque.

The HD series' debut in the Iberian Peninsula is expected to serve as a springboard for making inroads into other significant markets in Europe.

Hyundai Motor vice chairman Choi said, they are very happy to introduce the HD series to the European commercial vehicle market, which has both strong demand and growth potential.

"We aim to establish a differentiated and comprehensive service network, as well as introduce more models, to maximize customers' satisfaction and expand our market share in the future," Choi said.