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BA cabin crew to vote on new settlement deal

11,000 to decide 18 month dispute and Christmas strikes.

British Airways (BA) has come up with a new deal for its cabin-crew that could eliminate the threat of a strike during Christmas, as feared by many, and end an 18-month-long dispute.

The Unite union has agreed to put the proposal before 11,000 cabin crew who will vote on it.

The revised settlement terms by BA allow for a pay hike of RPI inflation limited to 2.9 per cent next year and 3 per cent the year after, a £6,616 single annual bonus for mainline crew instead of individual allowances and restoration of travel perks in 2013.

Additionally, BA has proposed a review of industrial relations between the carrier and its crew by an independent third party body.

The new terms also call for all legal fights occurred during the disputes between the parties to be mediated by the conciliation service Acas.

"The offer we have made, based on our previous proposals, is very fair and reasonable and represents genuine solution to the remaining issues in this dispute," said the company in a statement.

"Representatives agreed that it is the best that can be achieved through negotiation in the current climate," said Tony Woodley, general secretary of Unite.