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Nissan launches 11MY Nissan GT-R

New GT-R available in Europe and North America after February 2011.

Nissan Motor has launched the 11MY GT-R, which features improved engine output and torque, fuel efficiency, revised handling, exterior with improved aerodynamics, revised interior treatment and new wheels and tires.

The company said that the new model year is part of the continuous advancement of the GT-R design, technology and performance; and comes with enhanced level of after-sales support for GT-R owners.

The 11MY GT-R will be available from 17 November at the company's dealers nationwide in Japan.

Nissan said that the 11MY GT-R will be released in North America, Europe and other regions after February 2011.

The company is also considering to introduce EGOIST in Europe and the Middle East, and the Club Track edition in Europe as well.

The 11MY GT-R features newly designed, lighter weight and rigid forged aluminum-alloy wheels, that improve tire responsiveness to vertical load.

In addition, the knurling inside the wheel is modified to avoid deviation of tire rotation direction caused by the higher engine output.