Toyota's recall crisis reaches UK

Toyota will recall over 180,000 cars across seven models in the UK, including the bestselling Yaris.

Toyota UK said it had no evidence of accidents due to the pedal which tends to get stuck, even as the US Traffic Safety Administration confirmed the deaths of five people due to trapped floor mats, which make the pedal stick.

Toyota said this was not a problem in the UK, but British Toyota drivers said they have complained of mats that caused their pedals to stick.
With pressure mounting on the Japanese vehicles manufacturer, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) called for an immediate inquiry about why the fault was not detected earlier. Scott Brownlee, a spokesman for Toyota UK denied the automaker had delayed the recall in the UK.

Toyota's UK managing director, Miguel Fonseca, released a statement saying the recall is a precautionary measure.
The world's largest car maker is facing at least ten lawsuits in North America over the issue. The Obama administration has stepped up pressure on Toyota to address the problem.

Toyota Motor stocks have fallen 6 per cent after the massive recall and a possible new safety issue concerning its Prius model. The company is said to be also investigating complaints about faulty brakes on the latest version of its hybrid car. Toyota UK, however, said there were no problems reported with Prius in the country.