Nexteer supplies EPS technology to CODA electric car

Nexteer Automotive, a tier one automotive supplier, will supply its electric power steering (EPS) te

The CODA car, which is capable of traveling 90 to 120 miles on a fully charged battery, will include column-mounted electric power steering by Nexteer. Nexteer is working with CODA on tuning the steering to maximize driver efficiency and steering effort. The EPS system enables quicker response and improved handling and steering feel, said the company.

Ted Seeger, global chief engineer of electric steering at Nexteer Automotive, said: "Nexteer's EPS system is the quietest on the market, which is an important benefit for vehicles without engine noise. Plus, our high-efficiency EPS technology minimizes battery consumption, allowing for increased range."

According to Nexteer, it currently has column, pinion and rack-assisted EPS systems in mass production. The company's portfolio enables it to provide cost-effective EPS solutions for a range of vehicle segments, sizes and classes, from small cars to large trucks.

Mike Richardson, vice president of steering business unit at Nexteer Automotive, said: "We are planning $400m in future investments for our global operations, technology and equipment in the coming years, a majority of which is ear-marked for green steering technologies like EPS. We have a global footprint that will be optimized to support our diverse customer base around the world."

CODA Automotive is a manufacturer and distributor of all-electric cars and transportation battery systems. It designs, brands, markets and distributes electric vehicles using a manufacturing partnership strategy.