Toyota expected to recall Prius

Toyota is to issue a recall of the latest model of its Prius petrol-electric hybrid car in the US an

Industry watchers say the company may be forced to extend the recall to other countries too, including the UK where around 3,500 vehicles stand to be affected. The recall of the icon of the green motoring revolution will further damage the reputation of the world's largest automaker, as it comes after the earlier recall of over 8m other Toyota vehicles to fix faulty accelerators.

Toyota is expected to initially repair around 300,000 Prius cars in the recall. The problem plaguing the new Prius, which carries a price sticker of £19,500 to £22,600, concerns the responsiveness of its brakes. The fault reportedly lies in the computer system that links the conventional braking system with the other one which is a part of the vehicle's energy-storage technology.

Toyota has said the fault can be fixed via a software upgrade that may take around an hour per car. Prius models produced since the end of January have already received the necessary upgrades and need not be recalled. Toyota group president, Akio Toyoda, publicly admitted the problems. "We are facing a crisis," he said. "I offer my apologies for the worries."