Buehler Motor, CODA partner to provide water pumps for electric sedan

Buehler Motor, a provider of mechatronic drive and pump solutions, has entered into a partnership wi

Under the agreement, Buehler Motor will provide custom 50W auxiliary water pumps, which provides coolant circulation in various vehicle drive train subsystems and related design support. The company said that it has started the production of the water pump in its German manufacturing facilities.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, CODA Automotive is an all-electric car and battery company. The company designs, brands, markets and distributes electric vehicles utilizing a strategy allowing CODA Automotive to develop vehicles in an efficient manner, avoiding capital-intensive nature of automobile business.

Bob Riedford, president and general manager of Buehler Motor, said: "We are proud to offer our engineering expertise and resources to support the accelerated development of CODA's first all-electric car, and help jump start the electric car movement to address today's energy and environmental challenges."

Kevin Czinger, president and CEO of CODA Automotive, said: "By leveraging partnerships with Buehler and other key suppliers, CODA is helping to accelerate the electric car movement. The CODA car will be on California roads in late 2010."

Buehler also signed an agreement with GM to provide pump solutions for the Chevy Volt.