Balqon Launches Lithium-Ion Powered Yard Tractor Truck

Balqon, a developer and manufacturer of zero emissions heavy-duty electric vehicles for Class 7 and

Balqon's new product, Nautilus XE20, is designed, integrated and built in cooperation with Autocar Truck and their Xspotter yard tractor team. The Autocar Xspotter design aims to provide advanced yard tractors with improved safety, visibility and durability.

The Nautilus XE20 is designed for off-road container or semi-trailer vehicles and is equipped with Balqon's proprietary traction drive and battery management system. The Nautilus XE20 is designed to travel at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and is capable of towing loads of up to 40 tons.

Balwinder Samra, president and CEO of Balqon, said: "Autocar's advanced yard tractor design, combined with Balqon's latest lithium-ion battery power technology, makes the Nautilus XE20 the flagship of our product line. We believe true ergonomics begins with a clean environment and low noise in the cab for the operator that spends forty plus hours a week operating these vehicles."

Eric Schwartz, vice president of specialty vehicle business at Autocar, said: "Supported by Autocar and our service and parts locations coast to coast in US and Canada, we believe makes Nautilus XE20 a truly commercially viable zero emission alternative to traditional diesel powered yard tractors currently in use in warehouse distribution centres, marine terminals, intermodal facilities, industrial plants and railyards."