FHI to start selling Subaru in South Korea from April

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, said that sales of Subaru-brand

Subaru Korea, a company set up by KOS group (Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea), will operate sales, distribution and after-sales servicing businesses of Subaru cars.

Accoridng to FHI, starting in April 2010, the available models are the Legacy, Outback and Forester. Subaru Korea has set an initial sales target of 600 units in the first year and aims to increase that number to 3,000 units by 2015. The company is in process of developing its own dealer network and scheduled to open Subaru outlet in Seoul and Pusan at first then expands to the other metropolitan areas in South Korea.

FHI said that the imported car market is currently growing in South Korean automobile market. The categories of mid-size sedan and compact SUV has risen. Furthermore, Subaru's driving performance and safety by its symmetrical all-wheel drive system will be a factor to appeal the Korean market, where mountains are spread nationwide and the temperature range is larger throughout the year.

By offering Subaru's products, the company seeks to establish and increase penetration of the Subaru brand in the market.