Remy supplies electric motors to Mercedes-Benz ML450 hybrid

Remy International has said that it is supplying Daimler with the Remy HVH electric motor for the 20

The ML450 Hybrid, using Remy HVH electric motor technology, works together with a 3.5-liter V6 engine to attain improved fuel efficiency. It operates as a zero-emission vehicle when powered by its electric drive alone. Using a modified Atkinson cycle for maximum fuel efficiency, V6 engine kicks in when needed and when accelerating on freeway entrance ramp.

The company claims that it's motor technology contributes to Mercedes ML450 Hybrid's performance and efficiency. The ML450 Hybrid will perform like a V8 consuming fuel like a 4-cylinder and can travel as fast as 35 mph while operating in full electric mode. Fuel consumption and emissions are down nearly 60%.

Remy will be supplying two HVH electric motors per vehicle. The ML450 Hybrid will use Remy's HVH electric motors to provide drive and generation functions. The first motor is positioned close to internal combustion engine and is used both as a motor and generator, providing over 80 hp to assist drivetrain or charge vehicle battery. The second motor located at output end of transmission generates 80 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque and is tuned for maximum electric drive performance plus recovery of regenerative braking energy to the battery.

In addition, Remy HVH motors for the hybrid will be manufactured at the company's manufacturing plant in Mezokovesd, Hungary, and the hybrid will be produced at Mercedes' manufacturing plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

John Weber, CEO of Remy, said: "Daimler has proven to be a strong partner and we are proud to have our HVH electric motors in the new ML450 Hybrid. Like Remy, the Mercedes brand has represented excellence in quality and design for a century. We look forward to many more years of innovative collaboration with Daimler as we seek to continually improve upon our successful pasts."