Honeywell to equip Chevrolet Cruze with gasoline turbochargers

Honeywell said that it's turbo technologies designed for small gasoline engines (1.4L), will be laun

The GM 1.4L engine is equipped with Honeywell's gasoline turbocharger technology, which incorporates new enhancements in bearing technology and aerodynamics suited for small gasoline engines.

According to the company, the turbo growth is linked in US to CAFE standards which require fuel economy improvements of around 40% in light vehicles by 2016. Overall, turbo penetration is expected to reach 25% by the year 2014, up from 5% in 2009, driven mostly by the growth in gasoline engine.

Alex Ismail, president and CEO of Honeywell Transportation Systems, said: "Thanks to a turbo's unique ability to increase the performance output of smaller displacement engines, a downsizing revolution is underway in the US and around the world.

"Over the next 10 years, this mega trend will see average engine displacement in the US reduce from 3.6L to 2.9L moving from V8 and V6 engines to 4 cylinders a major reflection of this trend being high volume growth in smaller, 4-cylinder turbocharged passenger cars of around 1.4L. As the world's leading turbo manufacturer, we are well positioned to benefit from the move, which will help drive greater energy efficiency and reduced emissions in the auto industry."

Honeywell Turbo Technologies is an automotive turbocharger developer and is a business unit of Honeywell Transportation Systems, which also consists of consumer products group and friction materials. Honeywell Transportation Systems facilitates vehicle performance, efficiency and appearance through technologies, brands and global solutions tailored for its automotive customers.