Chevrolet Presents Volt At Washington DC Auto Show

Chevrolet has announced that greater Washington DC will be an initial launch market for its 'Volt' e

The city joins California and Michigan as the initial retail markets for Volt.

The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle with an extended-range capability. It is designed to drive up to 40 miles on electricity without using gasoline or producing tailpipe emissions. When its lithium-ion battery is depleted, an engine/generator operates to extend driving range if there is no access to an electrical outlet to recharge battery, thus eliminates range anxiety.

According to Chevrolet, it will deliver around 100 Volts to several utilities across US, including Pepco and Dominion, which serves Washington DC and its suburbs as part of an extended demonstration program. The overall program includes 500 charging stations that will be installed for residential, business and public use.

Jim Campbell, general manager of Chevrolet, said: "Concentrating Volt sales in these three key initial markets allows us to give our first customers a high-quality experience. In addition to geographical considerations, each market also has progressive local and state government leaders and utility partners who are crucial in bringing electric vehicles to market."

The company has also introduced a smartphone (Droid by Motorola, Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Storm) application by OnStar, which gives Volt owners 24/7 connection and control of vehicle function and OnStar features remotely.

In addition, Chevrolet has launched fuel-efficient small cars at the Washington DC auto show, including Spark five-door mini car, Aveo RS show car, and Cruze compact sedan.