WABCO to supply electronic control, air suspension technology to Audi

WABCO Holdings said that it has developed and will supply new electronic control technology and high

The new Audi A8's adaptive air suspension with controlled damping responds to slight unevenness in road surface. Integrating Audi's damping algorithms, it determines effective damping level based on road surface, load, speed, and vehicle body movement. It increases passenger comfort through adapted vehicle ride height, and speed sensitive lowering of vehicle body also improves vehicle safety while reducing fuel consumption.

WABCO's electronic control unit for new Audi A8's air suspension features FlexRay technology, which results in reliable integration with vehicle's other controls and sensors. It also improves performance of the suspension through optimal sensitivity and continually adaptive dampening whichreduces vehicle vibration and prevents it from increasing.

WABCO's high power compressors enable the air supply system to increase air pressure capacity by 40%. This improves the performance in the front and rear axles' by lowering and raising the body of the vehicle, reducing drag and stabilizing it. The air supply system enables virtual silence during air suspension performance due to its enhanced air management.

Mike Thompson, vice president of car systems at WABCO, said: "WABCO's breakthrough electronics and innovative air supply modules provide an outstanding opportunity for car makers to boost air suspension performance, enable smoother running, increase vehicle safety and enhance passenger comfort while improving fuel efficiency. We are passionate about continuing to deliver innovative, cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions to meet the strongly growing global demand from car makers and end-users alike for air suspension systems in passenger cars."