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North Korea takes on social media

North Korea opens Twitter and YouTube accounts as the propaganda war moves online.

North Korea has opened Twitter and YouTube accounts as part of its continued propaganda effort against the South Korea and the US.

The YouTube account was opened last month, and features around 80 videos with titles like "Who will win if North Korea and the U.S. fight?".

The Twitter account, @uriminzok, has so far been used to link to speeches praising Kim Jong-Il and reports denying North Korea played a role in sinking a South Korean ship.

Twitter and Facebook are blocked to almost all citizens of North Korea, and the North Korean profiles are blocked in South Korea, as well as around 65 other pro-North Korea or North Korean sites that the south say violate their national security.

South Korean president Lee Myung-bak has also joined Twitter this week as @bluehousekorea.