Malcolm X.
When the NS met Malcolm X
By Brian Glanville - 29 April 15:11

12 June 1964.

8 March 1991: What feminism means to me
By The Old Statesman - 29 April 13:44

Diana Quick, Margi Clarke, Vanessa Redgrave and others.

New Statesman
Remembering Greenham Common
By Kate Hudson - 18 April 12:15

Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND, recalls her first trip to Greenham Common.

Leader: the world movement towards collectivism
By New Statesman - 12 April 8:50

The first New Statesman leader, published on 12 April 1913.

Big books on a bilboard in Russia.
Edmund Wilson's Words of Ill-Omen: Massive
By Edmund Wilson - 11 April 13:08

The American man of letters gives guidance to writers and journalists on both sides of the Atlantic.

New Statesman
The first Isssue evs
By New Statesman - 10 April 11:13

The New Statesman celebrates its centenary in 2013. Here, you will find articles from 100 years of the magazine. For more pictures and cartoons, see

Margaret Thatcher: feminist icon?
By Helen Lewis - 08 April 14:19

"I hate feminism. It is poison," she reportedly told her adviser Paul Johnson.

Martin Luther King Jr using the telephone in a hotel.
12 April 1968: “The country has lost not just Dr King but the King”
By Alan Brien - 04 April 11:34

Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated forty-five years ago today. Here, Alan Brien reports from a grief-stricken New York.

Prince Charles in Oman.
100 good reasons to be a republican
By The Old Statesman - 04 April 10:43

Put not your trust in Princes - Psalm 146.

Spy for a Day.
The secret life of Clifford Sharp
By Adrian Smith - 03 April 8:42

Meet the first editor of the <em>New Statesman</em>.

Why Allende had to die
By Gabriel García Márquez - 03 April 8:06

The writer has died aged 87. Read his classic NS piece on the 1973 Chilean coup.

New Statesman
The restless spirit of Arthur Koestler
By New Statesman - 14 March 16:01

Last train to nowhere.

F Scott Fitzgerald with Zelda and his daughter Frances.
Fitzgerald, Woolf and J G Ballard: five classic book reviews from the NS archive
By The Old Statesman - 12 March 13:13

Reviews by Amis, Pritchett, Royde-Smith and Naipul.

The chameleon-like John Freeman, pictured in 1946
John Freeman: Face to face with an enigma
By Hugh Purcell - 07 March 13:12

A 2013 profile of the war hero, Labour MP, New Statesman editor, diplomat and TV interviewer, who has died aged 99. 

Paris in the rain.
Andrea Dworkin: The day I was drugged and raped
By Andrea Dworkin - 04 March 11:12

The feminist writer's harrowing account from 2000.

Pope Paul VI
Christopher Hitchens on the death of Pope Paul VI
By Christopher Hitchens - 28 February 17:26

"To judge by the tide of uncritical sentimentality which swept over the British press ... you might have thought that the Reformation had never taken place".

Barrel organists in Germany.
W J Turner: “The Barrel-Organ in the Rain”
By W J Turner - 27 February 14:25

A scraping from the NS archive.

Christopher Hitchens stands outside the New Statesman office in the late
Christopher Hitchens on Orwell: "What people do not want to hear"
By Christopher Hitchens - 24 January 11:36

Christopher Hitchens reviews Bernard Crick's "George Orwell: A Life".

An illustration from Ralph Steadman's Animal Farm
The Road to Sanctity: George Orwell and the NS
By Philip Maughan - 21 January 11:00

To celebrate George Orwell Day, we take a look back through the archive and republish five importance pieces this week.

A child in Whitechapel.
Common Lodging Houses
By Eric Blair - 21 January 10:26

"As often as not the beds are verminous, and the kitchens invariably swarm with cockroaches or black beetles."

A picture of Philip Larkin leaving Westminster Abbey
Philip Larkin on the life of his greatest influence, Thomas Hardy
By Philip Larkin - 11 January 14:21

Larkin piece republished on the anniversary of Hardy's death.

New Statesman
Christopher Hitchens: The state of Spain
By Christopher Hitchens - 05 January 13:11

Madrid, 1976: Hitchens files a report following the death of Franco.

Iain Banks, 1954-2013: an interview with Ken Livingstone
By Ken Livingstone - 17 September 6:48

From the archive: Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone interviews Iain Banks, one of his favourite authors.