New Statesman
Remembering Greenham Common
By Kate Hudson - 18 April 12:15

Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND, recalls her first trip to Greenham Common.

Martin Luther King Jr using the telephone in a hotel.
12 April 1968: “The country has lost not just Dr King but the King”
By Alan Brien - 04 April 11:34

Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated forty-five years ago today. Here, Alan Brien reports from a grief-stricken New York.

The last known photograph of Allende alive, La Moneda Palace, 1 April 1973. Photograph: Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images
Why Allende had to die
By Gabriel García Márquez - 03 April 8:06

The classic NS piece on the 1973 Chilean coup.

Paris in the rain.
Andrea Dworkin: The day I was drugged and raped
By Andrea Dworkin - 04 March 11:12

The feminist writer's harrowing account from 2000.

A child in Whitechapel.
Common Lodging Houses
By Eric Blair - 21 January 10:26

"As often as not the beds are verminous, and the kitchens invariably swarm with cockroaches or black beetles."

New Statesman
Christopher Hitchens: The state of Spain
By Christopher Hitchens - 05 January 13:11

Madrid, 1976: Hitchens files a report following the death of Franco.