Robert Lynd: In Defence of Pink
By Robert Lynd - 24 February 10:06

In this article, first published in the New Statesman in 1936, Irish essayist Robert Lynd responds to an attack on the colour pink by G K Chesterton, saying “as a lover of pink I cannot let this pass without a protest”.

New Statesman
Should we hang Mr Churchill or not?
By Clifford Sharp - 10 October 11:13

Reflections on the General Strike of 1926.

New Statesman
From the Archive: Paul Johnson on the Know-Nothing Left
By Paul Johnson - 26 September 13:01

The historian and journalist Paul Johnson made his name writing for and then editing (1965-70) the New Statesman, but gave up on socialism in the 1970s and became a Thatcherite.

The Stalin-Wells Talk: The interview that defined the post-war British left
By Matthew Taunton - 18 July 12:45

In 1934 H G Wells interviewed Joseph Stalin in Moscow. The fallout from the meeting led to a battle between three intellectual powerhouses - Shaw, Keynes and Wells - each of whom argued for their own vision of socialism in the UK.

Leader: the world movement towards collectivism
By New Statesman - 12 April 8:50

The first New Statesman leader, published on 12 April 1913.

Christopher Hitchens stands outside the New Statesman office in the late
Christopher Hitchens on Orwell: "What people do not want to hear"
By Christopher Hitchens - 24 January 11:36

Christopher Hitchens reviews Bernard Crick's "George Orwell: A Life".