Larkin outside the University of Hull in 1979. Photo: Jane Bown/Topfoto
From the archive: Philip Larkin on the voices of poets
By Philip Larkin - 16 April 14:03

All my antiquarian rage boils at the thought that nobody thought to record Hardy.

Martin Amis smoking.
Martin Amis: Why I had to quit the New Statesman
By Bithia Large - 31 July 10:00

The BBC's Meeting Myself Coming Back this week features the novelist Martin Amis, who remembers his days as Literary Editor at the New Statesman and explains why he had to leave.

James Joyce in 1930.
31 October 1959: The Joyce Saga - Before Bloomsday and After
By William Empson - 16 June 13:07

William Empson on Richard Ellmann's classic James Joyce biography, from the NS archive.

John Berger: Drawing is discovery
By John Berger - 01 May 13:50

29 August 1953.

Big books on a bilboard in Russia.
Edmund Wilson's Words of Ill-Omen: Massive
By Edmund Wilson - 11 April 13:08

The American man of letters gives guidance to writers and journalists on both sides of the Atlantic.

F Scott Fitzgerald with Zelda and his daughter Frances.
Fitzgerald, Woolf and J G Ballard: five classic book reviews from the NS archive
By The Old Statesman - 12 March 13:13

Reviews by Amis, Pritchett, Royde-Smith and Naipul.

Barrel organists in Germany.
W J Turner: “The Barrel-Organ in the Rain”
By W J Turner - 27 February 14:25

A scraping from the NS archive.

A picture of Philip Larkin leaving Westminster Abbey
Philip Larkin on the life of his greatest influence, Thomas Hardy
By Philip Larkin - 11 January 14:21

Larkin piece republished on the anniversary of Hardy's death.

An illustration from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels
From the archive: Frank Kermode on Jonathan Swift
By Frank Kermode - 30 November 14:46

Compared with Swift’s ferocious wit, Private Eye is primitive stuff.

A portrait of Eugene O'Neill
Desmond MacCarthy on Eugene O’Neill: “Poetry did not blow about the words”
By Philip Maughan - 27 November 15:34

Mixed feelings on the great American playwright, who died this day in 1943.

Albert Camus reading a newspaper
Albert Camus: A conscience with a style
By V S Pritchett - 07 November 15:41

Today is the anniversary of Camus's birth. In a piece from the archive, V S Pritchett reflects on his death.

Allen Lane holding a copy of Lady Chattlerley's Lover
Lady Chatterley triumphant
By Philip Maughan - 02 November 11:33

Fifty-two years ago Lady Chatterley's Lover beat the obscenity trial against it. Here's what the NS had to say.

Iain Banks, 1954-2013: an interview with Ken Livingstone
By Ken Livingstone - 17 September 6:48

From the archive: Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone interviews Iain Banks, one of his favourite authors.