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The 1% should recognise a big fortune is usually built on good fortune
By Alex Andreou - 16 October 8:24

Stop weeping about the £600,000 you take home every year shrinking by a few thousand. It is offensive to the people who survive on a hundredth of that, says Alex Andreou.

David Cameron
David Cameron: from foolhardy champion swimmer to panicked doggy-paddler
By Alex Andreou - 11 October 8:41

The prime minister's party conference speech had only regurgitated rhetoric, with no policy, ideas or budget to back it up.

David Cameron, as a seagull
Why David Cameron is the ultimate "seagull" manager
By Alex Andreou - 25 July 11:35

He flies in, makes a lot of noise, dumps on everyone from a great height, and then flies out again.

It's companies like G4S that really embody the "something for nothing" culture
By Alex Andreou - 16 July 14:05

After Workfare, the Olympics fiasco is another rocket fired into the side of the HMS Private Sector Efficiency.

David Cameron wants to ban Greeks from Britain. What would Shirley Valentine think?
By Alex Andreou - 05 July 14:41

While more than a million Britons live in the EU, Cameron's immigrant-bashing rhetoric rings hollow.

The real cost of the Libor Scandal
By Alex Andreou - 02 July 18:14

What Barclays and other banks did will hurt every saver and homeowner, says Alex Andreou.

The state is "doing a Robert Maxwell" on doctors' pensions
By Alex Andreou - 21 June 16:50

What difference does it make if you or I think that doctors get paid too little or too much? They had an agreement.

With the rise of Syriza and Golden Dawn, Greece's status quo has been forever altered
By Alex Andreou - 18 June 8:45

Greek democracy will never be the same after this turbulent month.

Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde's "tough love" is an insult to Greece
By Alex Andreou - 27 May 14:41

By urging Greeks to pay up without whingeing the IMF chief has revealed her deep historical and cult.

New Statesman
Exploding the myth of the feckless, lazy Greeks
By Alex Andreou - 18 May 12:03

Stereotypes and untruths are everywhere, but this economic crisis is not self-inflicted.