Asking the questions others are too intelligent to ask


A woman cleans the stage at the Conservative Party Conference
David Cameron promises opportunity for the few and hopelessness for the rest
By Alex Andreou - 03 October 14:42

Under the Conservatives' new plans to remedy the “something for nothing culture” in the UK, you will now be getting nothing for something.

A priest offering a sacrifice.
Ed Miliband's critics think his energy pledge will make the lights go out. They are wrong
By Alex Andreou - 25 September 10:52

The energy companies are squealing over the Labour leader's proposed freeze on energy prices, warning of blackouts. They ignore the fact that the lights are already going out - for the 4.5 million people living in fuel poverty.

Whatever Godfrey Bloom's fate, Ukip is still giving me sleepless nights
By Alex Andreou - 22 September 13:20

Maybe Ukip are a one-man band and a one-trick pony, but Nigel Farage is a reckless man with a very dangerous trick.

It's not petulant to refuse Tommy Robinson service - it's morally right
By Alex Andreou - 18 September 14:53

When a member of staff at Selfridges refused to serve the EDL leader, they were suspended from the store. But declining to interact with someone who sows hatred on a daily basis is a perfectly rational thing to do.

A to B: Flying home, wherever home may be
By Alex Andreou - 20 August 16:22

When Alex Andreou boarded a plane from Greece, he knew it would be nine years before he saw his home again.

The Cabinet, yesterday.
The tale of Joan Edwards's bequest shows the worst sleaze is immoral, not illegal
By Alex Andreou - 14 August 10:58

The 90-year-old's bequest could have helped build a school, or saved 37,000 carers from paying the bedroom tax. Why did the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats try to keep her money for their election campaigns?

Straight Pride: finally, someone is standing up for the oppressed heterosexual majority
By Alex Andreou - 12 August 17:59

"Coming out as heterosexual in today's politically correct world is an extremely challenging experience," claims a new lobbying group. Perhaps it is . . . in Opposite Land.

What do you see?
Why is the colour blue like arguments on Twitter?
By Alex Andreou - 05 August 13:03

Instead of throwing around words like "mansplaining", we should try to understand each other's experiences - which are as unique as our individual perception of colours.

Watching Ed Miliband, I had a strange new feeling: I think it's called "hope"
By Alex Andreou - 09 July 15:54

. . . and it only got better when I saw Grant Shapps, president of the unofficial second job society, squirming and whimpering on the Daily Politics.

Never mind a pay rise, let’s stop paying our MPs to fail
By Alex Andreou - 02 July 9:52

We wouldn’t mind what MPs’ salary was if they were making the UK a demonstrably better place. Alex Andreou makes the case for performance-related pay in Westminster.

Mervyn King gets his life peerage and a lollipop, the rest of us get more misery
By Alex Andreou - 21 June 12:05

The newly ennobled Mervyn King blames “a collective lack of imagination” for the financial crisis. We, all of us, failed to see the iceberg. The only problem is that most of us were in the engine room shovelling coal.

Controlling immigration: the snake oil of our time
By Alex Andreou - 08 May 17:16

Nigel Farage has rolled into a village with all sorts of problems and has offered an illogical but easy panacea. The problem comes when the other politicians try to "out-Farage" him.

George Osborne: like Fernando Torres, only less effective
By Alex Andreou - 03 April 16:57

While the Chancellor waffled on about how “we are all in this together”, it was announced that the Queen was receiving a 16 per cent boost to her Government grant and the likes of Torres will get a staggering tax break next year. That is a lot of "spare r

Former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie leaves the High Court after giving evidence.
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Philips stole my Muslim transsexual baby, forcing me to eat my cat, which gave me cancer
By Alex Andreou - 29 March 15:56

The claim that the public benefits from a "raucous press" is almost entirely fictional. In the meantime, the likes of Lucy Meadows are trampled on.

George Osborne’s economic policy is based on lies
By Alex Andreou - 22 March 15:00

The budget is the fiscal equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting ‘LALALALA NOT LISTENING’.

The press is throwing a toddler's tantrum over Leveson
By Alex Andreou - 15 March 15:10

Much of the press seems to be belly-down on the supermarket floor, punching the linoleum, kicking out and screaming WAAH WAAH BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE REGULATED. Here are ten truths the media needs to hear.

New Statesman
Huhne and Pryce went to jail despite their privilege, not because of it
By Alex Andreou - 12 March 11:24

Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce broke an important law and, after a fair trial, got rightly sent down for roughly the right amount of time. It's as simple as that, writes Alex Andreou.

You’ll Never Live Like Common People
By Alex Andreou - 06 March 12:50

I was homeless from 3 January 2009 to 27 April 2010, and I can tell you - poverty is another country. You have either lived there or you have not.

Stephen Hester's magical misdirection: defending RBS's £5bn losses and £679m bonuses
By Alex Andreou - 28 February 15:26

RBS has announced losses of over £5.1bn and bonuses of £679m, after being bailed out by the taxpayer. Through Stephen Hester's sleight of hand, we are expected to believe that this has been a “chastening year” for the bank.

New Statesman
Workfare: Unexpected Intern in the bagging area
By Alex Andreou - 21 February 16:12

The truth of the matter is that the government cares more about statistics than genuinely tackling unemployment.

Is Ukip a party of bigots? Let's look at the evidence
By Alex Andreou - 11 February 16:36

Their manifesto might just look like a list of things that annoy people, but party members hold some views that should concern us, says Alex Andreou.

A woman walks past an advertisement outside a fast food outlet
Deflating the Big Fat Lie with Big Fat Facts
By Alex Andreou - 24 January 8:58

Anna Soubry, Minister for Public Health, says she can tell somebody's background just by looking at their weight. Such claims are not evidence-based, they are prejudice-based, and shouldn't be allowed to inform policy.

President Obama on the platform in front of the Capitol Building
I loved Obama's speech unreservedly. So there
By Alex Andreou - 22 January 12:04

Obama gave a well-written, brilliantly delivered, and - for the US - subversive inauguration speech. Why was the reaction of many UK progressive commentators so hysterically cynical?

The welfare debate and the end of reason
By Alex Andreou - 09 January 17:26

The way in which the entire debate on benefits seems to be taking place entirely outside the realms of logic seems unprecedented, says Alex Andreou.

New Statesman
George Osborne: An increasingly lonely poster boy for austerity
By Alex Andreou - 05 January 10:10

As the IMF distances itself from unbalanced fiscal consolidation, Osborne is running out of allies — and time

A manifesto for the New Year: forget labels, and fix the problems
By Alex Andreou - 31 December 14:51

Alex Andreou's message for 2013.

Nick Clegg and David Cameron smile at each other in the garden at No 10 in May 2
Fascinators and neo-Puritanism: why I’m conflicted about marriage equality
By Alex Andreou - 11 December 8:32

Is it right to accept something you want from someone who you know gives it with the most cynical of motives, asks Alex Andreou.

Dear journalists: grow up
By Alex Andreou - 30 November 15:58

Alex Andreou, who used to work for a regulator, responds to the Leveson report.

Can every Twitter user be expected to factcheck Newsnight?
By Alex Andreou - 20 November 15:57

As the Lord McAlpine case shows, at some point we have to trust news organisations to tell us the truth.

It's not burdening our children with debt that should worry us
By Alex Andreou - 23 October 9:41

Leaving our children without assets is a far greater problem than "saddling" them with debt.