Unreported Britain


The £15m scandal our libel laws are silencing
By Alan White - 03 October 17:15

Alan White explains how critics of "retail loss prevention" - suing shoplifters - are being threatened with writs.

The G4S failures aren't an isolated case - they show up the failure of an entire ideology
By Alan White - 21 September 12:01

Following the Olympic fiasco, an official report suggests setting up a "list of high-risk providers, who have a track-record of failure in the delivery of public services". That's not enough.

Bahraini protestors clash with riot police in Manema
The inexorable rise of the PR men
By Alan White - 17 September 9:03

With firms like Bell Pottinger working for foreign governments, we must now question everything more, not less.

Wormwood Scrubs, where Daniel Roque Hall is being held
The "physical and mental torture" of a disabled man in prison
By Alan White - 30 August 9:23

Daniel Roque Hall was sentenced to three years in jail after drugs were found in his wheelchair. Since being sent to Wormwood Scrubs, his condition has deteriorated dramatically, say his mother and friend. Alan White investigates.

First Group has beaten off Virgin’s bid
Why we're still being taken for a ride by our train companies
By Alan White - 15 August 9:52

There are too many "vested interests" to keep happy.

Alan White's Olympics diary: The 2012 Olympics alternative awards
By Alan White - 11 August 12:11

Yes, it’s the laziest of all journalistic tropes. But still, what would any sporting event be without an alternative set of awards?

The Olympic mascot and Big Ben
Alan White's Olympics diary: Once the Olympic razzmatazz has gone, what do we want to be left with?
By Alan White - 09 August 8:47

Our Games have been great, but if we want to reap the rewards, we have to be honest about the failings.

British cyclists Dani King, Laura Trott, and Joanna Rowsell
Alan White's Olympic diary: Can the Olympics put an end to our terrible treatment of female athletes?
By Alan White - 08 August 7:31

Team GB's fantastically successful female Olympians mean we surely can't ignore women's sport any longer.

School boys on a playing field in the village of Thurgaton, Nottinghamshire
Alan White's Olympic diary: The Olympic legacy is too diverse to work under a single political ideology
By Alan White - 07 August 8:58

Listen to the people who know about sport, not the politicians or the journalists.

Mo Farah of Great Britain celebrates winning gold in the men's 10,000m
Alan White's Olympic diary: Modern, multicultural Britain took to the Olympic stage - and the world liked what it saw
By Alan White - 06 August 8:56

A collective notion of Britishness is strong enough to accommodate cultural discrepancies without emphasising them.

Granada's swimming coach talks to her father using a tablet computer.
The first social media Olympics: the highlights
By Alan White - 04 August 10:49

Gymnasts being superhuman in handy GIF form.

Gemma Gibbons
Alan White's Olympic diary: Ten reasons the Olympics have been absolutely awesome
By Alan White - 03 August 8:41

The athletes! The facts! The medals! Ian Thorpe! The volunteers!

Bradley Wiggins
Alan White's Olympics Diary: Beautiful Bradley, and the IOC's billion-pound edifice of immorality
By Alan White - 02 August 8:53

Jacques Rogge's committee does nothing but look out for its own interests.

Ye Shiwen poses on the podium with her second gold medal
Alan White's Olympic diary: The hounding of Ye Shiwen
By Alan White - 01 August 8:37

Until proved otherwise, the Chinese swimmer's performance is a huge achievement.

British gymnast Louis Smith
Alan White's Olympics diary: It's hardly rocket science, this incredible Olympic spirit
By Alan White - 31 July 8:30

Respect, tolerance, and playing by the rules - it's everywhere at these Games.

Alan White's Olympics diary: Great sport, with a faint air of the ridiculous
By Alan White - 30 July 12:44

Thank goodness for Ian Thorpe, Nigerian table-tennis players and all the other Olympic wonders.

New Statesman
Drunks, gang-members, arsonists, reoffenders, truants - it's all more complicated than you think
By Alan White - 27 July 9:14

Places like the St Giles Trust shouldn't struggle for funding.

Dairy cows graze in a field in Cheshire
The milk blockade is part of a far crueller story
By Alan White - 20 July 8:42

It's just an episode in a scandalous, decades-long tale of corporate greed.

BBC Television Centre in London.
BBC Television Centre: the fairness was what made the magic
By Alan White - 16 July 15:11

At BBC TV Centre everyone was equal - equally lost, that is.

Why so many ex-soldiers end up in prison
By Alan White - 15 July 10:16

One in ten inmates is a former soldier.

Pope Benedict XVI on a visit to Mexico
The Olympics banned list
By Alan White - 12 July 11:04

The official list of prohibited items at the Olympics includes "oversized hats" and "sharpened combs".

A Soho prostitute waits for some custom.
The taxman vs the prostitutes
By Alan White - 12 July 9:20

Prostitutes have to pay tax on their earnings, so why isn't their business entitled to same protections as everyone else?

David Mitchell
Why can't British people talk to celebrities?
By Alan White - 09 July 17:13

Experiencing extreme social awkwardness on meeting a minor celebrity seems to be a peculiarly British talent.

A teenage prostitute waits for customers
The streetwalkers of Whitechapel have been badly let down
By Alan White - 05 July 13:30

More than a hundred years after Jack the Ripper, we're still fighting the same battles on prostitution.

The Dignitas clinic in Zurich, Switzerland
Tony Nicklinson and a doctor's take on assisted dying
By Alan White - 19 June 15:44

A GP lays out his reservations about the potential legalisation of euthanasia

With Winsor's appointment, the Tories have declared war on the police
By Alan White - 08 June 14:58

This is a highly provocative move.

New Statesman
No one made the case for elected mayors
By Alan White - 04 May 20:15

The government did almost nothing to sell the idea to voters.

A horse drawn funeral carriage carrying the coffin of Mark Duggan
This investigation is about more than Mark Duggan
By Alan White - 28 April 12:11

It is time for the police to prioritise the issue of community engagement.

New Statesman
The issues surrounding youth crime
By Alan White - 23 April 16:05

Who is best qualified to tackle this problem?

We need to talk seriously about crime
By Alan White - 27 January 10:50

The truth, kept scandalously quiet, is that most crime is both committed and suffered by the same people.