Unreported Britain


Lies, Damn Lies, and Department for Work and Pensions Statistics
By Alan White - 30 April 11:58

So much of what Iain Duncan Smith and his department is doing is based on empirical sand.

Four reasons why policy-making shouldn't be outsourced to right-wing think tanks
By Alan White - 25 April 11:30

Take a look at the institutions to which, if Francis Maude gets his way, the Government will be outsourcing policy. Does it seem sensible to you?

"The tail’s wagging the dog": How outsourcing is eroding NHS services
By Alan White - 15 April 8:34

The battle over outsourcing for Suffolk’s community health services in Sudbury is a warning for the rest of the country - the future of the NHS is going to be fragmented.

New Statesman
Was this tragedy really a "vile product" of Welfare UK?
By Alan White - 03 April 9:07

The <em>Daily Mail's </em> incendiary oversimplification of a complex tragedy is offensive to many. But as ever it's all too easy for the victims to be forgotten once the internecine media squabbles reach fever pitch.

The UK Border Agency: after four years, a car crash in slow motion finally comes to a stop
By Alan White - 27 March 13:53

The agency that's caused so much misery and cruelty is to be restructured, but without proper resources its successor won't be able to avoid the same mistakes.

A free press is essential to expose the revolving door between public and private surveillance
By Alan White - 22 March 13:08

The line between those paid by the state to protect us, and those paid by corporations to protect themselves is increasingly blurred. We need proper public interest journalism to make sure stories like this can be told.

Dora's story: more evidence that the poor don't make mistakes, they commit crimes
By Alan White - 14 March 11:19

As the case of "Dora", a young woman who either committed a minor crime or made a mistake, shows - people from deprived backgrounds have an entirely different experience of custody than people like Chris Huhne or Vicky Pryce.

The tragedy of Alice
By Alan White - 05 March 10:50

How the Work Capability Assessment costs lives - its impact on people with mental health problems is more serious than Atos have acknowledged.

Labour MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy.
What Nick Griffin and Stella Creasy's tweets taught me
By Alan White - 02 March 13:30

From the BNP leader's praise for Dark Side of the Moon to the Labour MP's Twitter spat with Frankie Boyle, we're being reminded that our politicians are humans.

The brutality of the shadow state: the use of force on teenagers in custody
By Alan White - 28 February 8:33

Children have suffered from broken bones including wrists and elbows, and had teeth knocked out in Young Offenders' Institutes. But too many - abused at home too - do not know that their treatment was illegal.

A playground in Tower Hamlets
Have we forgotten our commitment to supporting children?
By Alan White - 22 February 9:13

Evidence suggests that the Coalition's approach is making things worse, not better, for our children.

Two young boys play football in a run down street with boarded up houses in Glas
Why aren't we more outraged about child poverty?
By Alan White - 14 February 13:54

When you talk about child poverty, you're essentially talking about fairness.

Housing near Clapham in London
The private rental sector: misery, stress and poverty
By Alan White - 08 February 11:27

Renting is the new normal, but for many it means no security and a constant risk of exploitation.

Children colouring in a pattern.
Is Michael Gove in danger of fixating too much on adoption?
By Alan White - 31 January 14:41

While fostering and adoption are undeniably important, focusing on them at the expense of early intervention is a false economy, say charity leaders.

The Shadow State: The "dehumanising, degrading" treatment of disabled people
By Alan White - 23 January 11:51

One woman with Crohn's told to work in a nappy; another with 90 per cent burns declared fit to work. No wonder the Work Capability Assessment, administered by Atos, has been declared "unfit for purpose".

The Yarl's Wood detention centre, where Rose was held
The trials of Roseline Akhalu - updated
By Alan White - 15 January 11:36

Why is the Home Office continuing a cruel and ludicrous campaign against a woman who they have accepted will definitely die if returned to Nigeria?

What poverty is . . .
By Alan White - 09 January 17:45

I don’t believe that our political class – nor indeed much of our media class – actually have any understanding of what poverty really is: an agonising, life-wrecking tragedy.

The Shadow State: probation chiefs voice doubts about outsourcing
By Alan White - 07 January 14:38

Payment by results might work, but not the way this government is doing it, writes Alan White.

A homeless man rests in the doorway of a branch of a Lloyds Bank in central Lond
Beleaguered sadness, increasing desperation and the invisible population of our streets
By Alan White - 13 December 10:19

You probably feel guilty when you see a homeless person, but don't know what to do for the best. Now, you can call Streetlink and they will work with local services to get the person off the street and into accommodation.

The huge Aylesbury council estate in Southwark, home to 7,500 people
The rise of the shadow state: What can we do about it?
By Alan White - 04 December 8:38

If the money doesn't go to giants like Serco and G4S, where can it go? Alan White explores the ability of social enterprises to commission services instead.

A security guard working during the London Olympics.
The rise of the shadow state: the truth about outsourcing
By Alan White - 03 December 11:41

Contractors like Serco, G4S and Clearel have become "too big to fail", while it's taxpayers' money they're consuming.

Josh Osho performing in Dublin in September 2012
Josh Osho: A portrait of the artist in a digital age
By Alan White - 26 November 9:20

"People just want to connect. If I put my heart in it and people connect that’s the most important thing."

Vacancies signs in the window of a guest house in Margate, Kent.
Thousands of homeless families drift to the end of the track
By Alan White - 21 November 15:35

Local authorities are now empowered to place homeless people in private rented accommodation, meaning they can be forced out of our cities.

Judges, journalists, doctors, policemen, teachers – we’ve lost faith
Teachers, journalists, pollsters - who can we trust these days?
By Alan White - 18 November 9:52

The story of a generation - lied to, again and again, yet ultimately powerless.

Holloway Prison
Women are suffering in prison
By Alan White - 10 November 10:39

A system designed for men cannot cope.

Elle Fanning
An open letter to Melanie Phillips
By Alan White - 02 November 16:24

Alan White's open letter to the Daily Mail columnist about the promotion of a prematurely-sexualised culture on the paper's website.

Workers in an Indian call centre.
Why Eco-Actif went bust: A brief history of UK plc
By Alan White - 01 November 16:07

We keep voting for governments that tell us that private is best, but there's little evidence to support it.

Out of the frying pan ... how Britain lets down its most vulnerable migrants
By Alan White - 23 October 12:07

Alan White details the failure of the UK Border Agency to help Margaret Nambi, and many others like her.

Life after a Twitterstorm
By Alan White - 11 October 12:55

Tracking down a man whose arrogant email went viral, Alan White wonders: where is groupthink taking us?