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Why is Lambeth dismantling its housing co-operatives?
By Alan White - 28 January 10:12

Many of the co-ops, which were meant to be a “shortlife” solution for long housing waiting lists and run-down properties in the late 1970s and early 1980s, are still there today. Now, they are being sold off at auction, and long-existing communities are

In the debate about immigration, we must not forget the exploitation of immigrants
By Sarah Karacs and Alan White - 14 January 12:57

Eva came from Hungary to London to work 21 hours a day as a nanny, but when she lost her job she had nothing. While we discuss the political issues of immigration, we can't forget the people who are being exploited on the black market.

Bad management and cruelty: Iain Duncan Smith and the failures of the Work Programme
By Alan White - 13 November 10:46

A toxic mixture of policy by soundbite, twisted statistics and a spurious belief in the efficacy of the private sector has created a programme that is going to fail a whole generation.

Three G4S guards have been accused of forgery
By Alan White - 08 November 11:31

A judge condemns them for being "well aware" that official documents were altered before a trial.

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Your comprehensive guide to what the media will look like in 2020
By Alan White - 06 November 14:42

Welcome to my 2020 Journalism Bootcamp.

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What the forgotten victims of Operation Bullfinch can teach us about stopping child abuse
By Alan White - 05 November 11:25

Six girls gave evidence of being raped, beated and urinated on in the trial resulting from Operation Bullfinch. But police believe there are dozens more victims. Rather than wring our hands, here are four ways we can stop this saga happening again.

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Why I have no problem with right wing ideas, so long as they're good
By Alan White - 01 November 12:21

The problem with the current government isn't that it's Conservative; it's that its policies are based on "feelings" and illogical pandering.

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How do we talk about gang culture?
By Alan White - 04 October 10:40

In a climate where we still don't understand the London riots, we need to keep the dialogue about gang culture open in any way we can.

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Covering up abuse: How Winterbourne View happened again
By Alan White - 02 October 12:50

“These aren’t isolated instances. It’s cultural, and it’s grown out of what’s happened in the care sector."

Yarl's Wood: An object lesson in how evil happens
By Alan White - 16 September 9:04

Bad people, bad management and institutional failure all contributed to what happened at the Yarl's Wood detention centre.

Homelessness and trafficking: how the desperate are being forced into black market work
By Alan White - 02 September 15:15

We might not hear about it a lot of the time, but all around us, every day, people are being forced into exploitative and dangerous work.

Nine spectacular council outsourcing failures
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 29 August 12:33

Alan White and Kate Belgrave give us more reasons why you don’t want the private sector in the NHS.

Outsourcing, the exploitation of prisoners and my Twitter ruck with G4S
By Alan White - 23 August 14:17

Hang on. If G4S aren't employing prisoners at £5 a day in order to boost their profits - then who is?

A guard stands by a gate
A basic call for humanity: the story of Alex Kelly
By Alan White - 21 August 8:57

The events that lead to the death of a 15-year-old boy in a young offender institution last year demonstrate that reform is needed not to satisfy some left-wing notion of soft justice, but to introduce a basic standard of humanity.

A to B: Floating nowhere in particular at four miles per hour
By Alan White - 20 August 14:44

Alan White drifts through the British canal network. Barring some unpleasantness at a lock, it is a bucolic week.

The Secret Cuts: Part Six, How are those with mental health problems treated by Atos?
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 13 August 14:10

With complaints about the failed Atos work capability assessment flooding in, Alan White and Kate Belgrave look at some of them.

How the Government’s legal aid cuts will affect victims of trafficking and domestic violence
By Alan White - 05 August 11:57

Our system for dealing with these crimes is a shambles. In light of this, it is baffling that the Government is pursuing an approach to legal aid that even the Attorney General has refused to endorse.

“I started to go mad in there": The detention of pregnant asylum seekers
By Alan White - 29 July 10:57

The Home Office has no clear and functioning mechanism in place to record women’s pregnancies and review their detention in light of it. Pregnant women who have been detained in facilities like Yarl's Wood report receiving abysmal treatment, done in our n

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The Secret Cuts: Part Five, The Low-Pay Debate
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 25 July 12:35

Continuing their series on the Coalition's secret cuts, Alan White and Kate Belgrave explore how workers are being bludgeoned into accepting wages that are too low to live on.

Liam Byrne
Why is there silence on the impact of welfare cuts on disabled people?
By Alan White - 19 July 10:36

The silence doesn’t just come from our largely right-wing press. There’s something more insidious going on.

Mark Kennedy.
Undercover by Rob Evans and Paul Lewis: The best kind of argument for a free press
By Alan White - 18 July 14:00

If these stories about undercover police weren't plucked from the pages of our newspapers, you'd think you were reading an airport thriller. This sort of classic, long-form investigative journalism is why we must retain a truly free press.

The Secret Cuts, Part Four: Personal Independence Payments
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 10 July 9:56

Continuing their series on the Coalition's secret cuts, Kate Belgrave and Alan White investigate the problems arising from outsourced face-to-face assessments. Does the DWP even know what its policy on recording PIP face-to-face assessments is? And why ca

Derelict homes stand in Arnside Road, in the Kensington area of Liverpool.
The Secret Cuts: Part Three, The Bedroom Tax
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 24 June 11:36

Continuing their series on the Coalition's secret cuts, Alan White and Kate Belgrave find out how the introduction of the "bedroom tax" is affecting people's lives.

Police officers in Aberdeen
Hold on to your hats: Nick Ross's book on crime is actually not bad
By Alan White - 10 June 10:07

There’s a lot that’s right in this book, but there are some deep flaws too, Alan White finds.

The Secret Cuts: Part Two, The Independent Living Fund
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 06 June 12:10

The Independent Living Fund is vital to anyone who has a severe impairment and still hopes to live their life. Alan White and Kate Belgrave explore the decision to close it and devolve its work to cashstrapped councils.

Outsourcing and housing for asylum-seekers
By Alan White - 03 June 10:21

G4S is not a social housing association, and yet they are responsible for housing many people for whom the state has a duty of care under international law.

The Secret Cuts: Part One, Social Care
By Alan White and Kate Belgrave - 29 May 11:10

In the first of a series, Alan White and Kate Belgrave report on how, around the country, councils are looking to make savings under the radar. Here, they explore how plans to outsource social care services in Barnet will affect the most vulnerable.

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Three reasons Chris Grayling's outsourcing plan for the probation service is a terrible idea
By Alan White - 27 May 9:37

It's the Work Programme all over again, and this time, damage to public safety is a high price to pay.

The Remploy factories have closed, but the pain continues
By Alan White - 16 May 15:18

The media moved on, but the people who used to be employed by the charity Remploy are still suffering, writes Alan White.

The fags and booze crackdown that wasn't: or why we need a register of lobbyists
By Alan White - 09 May 15:51

Why can’t we see how much is being spent by private healthcare companies to push for NHS reform, why can’t we see which companies thought the Work Programme was a good idea?