Privatised water supplement

Water, water, everywhere . . .
Privatised water: who's paying the price?

How to weigh the cost of water
The regulator is setting five-year price caps for the water companies. Neil Summerton explains the labyrinthine process

Not every bucketful is equal
For the sake of fairness we need a new charging system, says Peter Kenway

What an extra drop of water is worth

Divining the profits
Consumers have been paying over the top since privatisation, argues Anna Bradley, director of the National Consumer Council

No let-up in the quest for quality
Just because price cuts are imminent, argues Michael Meacher, don't imagine environmental standards will be allowed to slip

Creating local waves
Regional government, greater competition and climate change add up to an opportunity for water companies to take a lead, writes Simon Marvin

Public, private or a bit of both?
No one has yet found the answer to water industry control. By Nick Morris

Who's who in the world of water