7 Days

Rock of rages: Gibraltar officials have posted video footage of extensive traffic jams at the frontier with Spain on the Internet in protest at delays intentionally caused by Spanish border guards.The latest dispute between the Rock, under British sovereignty for 300 years, and its Spanish neighbours started as a small spat over fishing rights. Traffic lovers can call up http://frontier.gibnet.gi.

Spitting image: The Home Secretary, under fire for not being available to parliament to answer for the accidental publication of a list of police informants in the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry, revealed that he had been doing some hard thinking on his family break in the south of France. Grandmothers, he said on his return, were most effective in discouraging vandalism, spitting and youthful anti-social behaviour.

Royal beefeater: Prince Charles bit off more than he could chew when he ate a small piece of beef on the bone. Amid accusations that he had aided and abetted a Newport hotel in breaking the law he smiled benignly and said, "It was delicious". A decision is to be made next week on whether or not to prosecute the Celtic Manor Hotel and Country Club. An aide of Alun Michael, the Welsh Secretary, who also ate the beef, claimed that the minister had not been able to see the joint from which his beef was carved.

Broad view: Television viewers in 30 countries prepared to watch Monica Lewinsky talk to Channel 4's Jon Snow on Thursday evening. Some 500 million men and women were expected to hear details of the affair between the young intern and the president of the United States of America, and that excludes Americans who will watch Lewinsky talk to Barbara Walters instead.

Awards: At the annual What the Papers Say awards in London last week, Nick Davies was named Journalist of the Year. The judges cited his New Statesman essay "There is nothing natural about poverty" (6 November 1998) as well as his work for the Guardian. The Gerald Barry Award for Lifetime Service went to the former NS editor Anthony Howard, who recently retired from the Times.