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Quiz! Which decade should you vote to send Britain back to?

Are you 1970s Labour or 1950s Tory? Find out what your favourite decade says about you.

The right-wing press has called the leaked Labour manifesto, in which the party sets out plans to re-nationalise the railways and bring back trade union rights, a manifesto for taking Britain "back to the 1970s".

But here's the thing - accusations of wannabe time travel works both ways. Since Theresa May became Prime Minister, she has resurrected the divisive policy of expanding grammar schools - and dragging Britain "back to the 1950s" instead

So it seems this general election boils down to one question - which decade do you prefer? Sharp suits and big skirts, and sugar sandwiches for a treat? Or womens lib and some very dodgy TV entertainers? Find out by taking our quiz.


Julia Rampen is the digital news editor of the New Statesman (previously editor of The Staggers, The New Statesman's online rolling politics blog). She has also been deputy editor at Mirror Money Online and has worked as a financial journalist for several trade magazines.