Article 50: What happens when we pull the trigger on Brexit?

  • Wednesday, 22. March 2017
  • Franklin-Wilkins Building, King's College London, SE1 9NH

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As we find ourselves hurtling towards the end of March, Theresa May’s self-imposed deadline, the conversation around triggering Article 50 continues to take on an increasingly hysterical hue. After the Supreme Court ruled Article 50 could not be initiated without a Parliamentary vote, the Brexit bill passed comfortably and without amendment through the Commons. It will now proceed to the Lords, where there may be more chance of obstruction.  

Join the New Statesman for the timeliest event of the year as our panel of political experts dive into a discussion on Article 50: what exactly are the legal and parliamentary processes? How should Parliamentarians aim to influence Brexit? What happens once it is triggered, and should it be triggered at all? What will the negotiations consist of?

It is the number on everyone’s lips – the big five-zero – and we are about to zero in on it. Don’t miss out!

Doors open 6.30pm 

Tickets: Full price £14.99 / Concession £11 


New Statesman Deputy Editor Helen Lewis

Nick Clegg MP

Lord Charles Falconer

And a special exclusive guest...