In this week's magazine Brexit to Trump

08 December 2016
  • Observations

    • Leader: The unresolved Eurozone crisis

      The eurozone crisis was never resolved. It was merely conveniently forgotten.

    • The next fall of Rome

      The economic consequences of populism.

    • Commons Confidential: Money for old Gove

      Treachery is proving profitable for Michael Gove since his backstabbing of Boris Johnson led to the victim being named Foreign Sec.

    • The Autumn Statement proved it - we need a real alternative to austerity, now

      Theresa May’s Tories have missed their chance to rescue the British economy.

    • The Diary

      Writing history’s first draft, my Westminster gridiron gang, and ennobling Naughty Nige.

    • Bare breasts, burkini bans and Europe’s last Blairite

      Can Manuel Valls win the French presidency?

    • Anti-Trump Activists Protest Outside Of Trump Tower

      No, identity politics is not to blame for the failures of the left

      This is no time to back away from our commitment to women’s rights, racial justice and sexual equality.

  • Columns

  • Features

    • Patriot games

      Moby, the vegan king of chill-out pop, talks wealth, David Bowie’s hat and the average IQ of his fellow Americans.

    • The year of living dangerously

      Trump, Brexit, the populist surge – our New Times contributors reflect on a period of turbulent political change.

    • Bowling alone: Monty Panesar went from star spin bowler of the England Test team to distracted, confused and disorderly

      "What was I like?"

      The lonely struggles of Monty Panesar, the sporting-cultural cult hero who lost his purpose and sense of joy.

  • Critics

    • Ghosts of the soviet empire

      Catherine Merridale is haunted by the grief of Soviet survivors in Second-Hand Time by Svetlana Alexievich.

    • Intelligent life on earth

      Antonia Quirke basks in her feelings of ignorance with BBC Radio 4’s brainy Book of the Week.

    • Patriot games

      Moby, the vegan king of chill-out pop, talks wealth, David Bowie’s hat and the average IQ of his fellow Americans.

    • Sympathy for the whistleblower

      Ryan Gilbey watches Joseph Gordon-Levitt absorb the spirit of Edward Snowden.

    • Truth or consequences

      Rachel Cooke follows BBC1’s surprisingly stunning documentary Lawful Killing: Mark Duggan.

    • When Harry met Fifty Shades

      What literary hits have in common.

    • Shut out the world

      The best new children’s books for Christmas.

  • Backpages

    • Blue flunk: strong cheese can defeat more delicate noses or stomachs

      The blissful aroma of old trainers and flatulent dog

      Strong cheese can defeat more delicate noses or stomachs.

    • Telling Tales

      Judging by what I saw when I went out to buy cereal, man and machine have hit a critical level of hostility.

    • Down and Out

      I have now slept alone more nights than with a woman by my side: this is a cause for existential panic.

    • Liam Fox.

      Lines of Dissent

      How Liam Fox helps us face the new era, using orcs, Socrates and his knowledge of general medicine.

    • Off the Record

      How two Canadians helped me get America into perspective.