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How do I vote?

Registered to vote in person? Here's what to do on the day.

Where do I go?

This will be on your polling card, but if you can’t find that, you can input your postcode on this website. They’ll give you the address and phone number of your local elections office, who can also let you know.


What time are the polls open?

Normally this is between 7am and 10pm, but you should double check on your poll card, or with the election office as above.


What do I take?

If you have your poll card and haven’t, say, “put it in a safe place” like this writer, take it with you.

If not: just take your sweet self. Your name will be on the list of registered voters and you do not need ID to vote.


Can I get help/a lift to the polling station?

If you need help getting to the polls, you should contact your local election office using the link above.


Who is running in my area?

You can enter your postcode on this website to find your candidates (and the name of your constituency).

The website also attempts to gather the candidates' quotes and any leaflets they've given out. If not, it's worth looking them up.


How do I fill in the ballot paper?

The polling clerk at the station will let you know on the day.

Generally it involves a box and a cross, but – much like a school exam – make sure to follow the instructions you’re given.


Then what happens?

After the polls close, the overnight count begins. Under first past the post, the candidate with the most votes in your constituency becomes MP.

In the meantime, go celebrate your participation in democracy and watch the results roll in.