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Introducing a new system for commenting on

The New Statesman has moved over to a new comments system - we're now using Disqus.

Comments made using our old system are still visible, but to continue the discussion you’ll need to use the new comment box.

Using Disqus will allow commenters to log in with their existing social media accounts, see what people are saying on other threads, reply to each other more easily and will reduce the likelihood of duplicate posts. Apart from in special circumstances, a comment thread on an article will close after 7 days.

Our moderation policy remains the same. It can be viewed in full here. We will remove comments that we consider to be:

1. Personally abusive towards the author, fellow site users or any other individual

2. Extremely offensive

3. Threatening

4. Racist, homophobic or sexist

5. Overtly commercial

6. Legally contentious

7. Off-topic

If you experience any problems with the new system, please email and put " comments" in the subject line.