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God and gays: the rise of Michele Bachmann, part two

Will Matt Taibbi's profile of Bachmann help her in the Republican primary?

Matt Taibbi, the Rolling Stone writer and the man responsible for this stonking profile of Michele Bachmann, outlines why he thinks Bachmann could be a real threat in the Republican primaries in an interview with Fox.

"She's not stupid. She's crazy...she doesn't really know a whole lot of things. But she really knows how to do politics."

Watch it. It's almost as good as the piece.


Elsewhere, Abe Sauer wonders whether this Bachmann-bashing will backfire, by giving her an example of the lefty media conspiracy that the Tea Party are so keen on.

It is true that the piece - while extremely well-written - occasionally descends into ad hominen attacks. Not the most effective way to dsicredit a candidate, but certainly the most entertaining.

(Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan)

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