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BBC Trust rejects Fifa's Dirty Secrets complaint

Complaint that BBC documentary affected England's chances of hosting the 2018 Fifa World Cup is reje

A complaint that the BBC damaged England's bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup by broadcasting Panorama documentary Fifa's Dirty Secrets has been rejected by the corporation's governing body.

The complainant, who is not named in today's report by the BBC Trust's editorial standards committee, said the timing of the broadcast - three days before Fifa's vote was held on 2 December - greatly affected England's chances of winning the bid.

They argued that there would have been "no impact if it had been shown a week later" and that as an impartial organisation the BBC "shouldn't do anything to positively or negatively impact on others".

The complainant also claimed that "given the evidence of corruption unearthed by the programme it was naïve to think that Fifa's decision would be unaffected by such coverage".