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Orange, T-Mobile to sell iPad for £200 in UK

The move seeks to attract more customers into service contracts

A joint venture (JV) between the French telecom company Orange and German company T-Mobile in the UK has confirmed that it will be selling the Apple iPad for more affordable prices.

The price through the "Everything Everywhere" JV is expected to be around £200 ($320), for those who take a two-year contract with either operator.

The cheapest iPad currently costs £425 and one can expect a £200 iPad to come with mobile broadband packages starting from £20 per month.

The move is to attract more customers into service contracts by making the expensive gadget seem more affordable and also to ensure that users will be loyal to Apple for at least that duration.

These iPad contracts are expected to be sold through the brand's websites as well as retail stores.

Apple had earlier considered selling its iPhones with its own SIM cards to bypass operators, but has abandoned that plan under pressure from some mobile carriers who currently subsidise Apple's smartphone.