Labour maintains lead over Tories in new YouGov poll

Latest opinion polls puts Labour two points ahead of the Conservatives.

Labour has maintained its lead over the Conservatives in a new opinion poll amid signs that support for the coalition's spending cuts is in decline. The latest YouGov poll for the Sun puts Ed Miliband's party up one point to 42 per cent, with the Conservatives up one to 40 per cent and the Lib Dems unchanged on 10 per cent.

If repeated at a general election on a uniform swing, the latest figures would give Labour a majority of 20 seats. However, the party is likely to lose a significant number of seats under the coalition's proposed boundary changes. The government plan to equalise constituency sizes will also see the number of MPs fall from 650 to 600.

A recent estimate suggests that if this year's election had been contested under the new boundaries, the Lib Dems would have won seven fewer seats -- more than 13 per cent of their total. Labour would have lost 25 seats, nearly 10 per cent, and the Conservatives 13 seats -- just over 4 per cent.