Union 'outraged' at primary school head's £276,000 pay packet

GMB backs calls for head teachers pay to be capped at the prime minister's salary.

The GMB union has expressed outrage after it emerged that a primary school headmaster was paid £276,523 last year -- more than the prime minister.

Mark Elms, of Tidemill Primary School, Lewisham, received £231,400 with a further £45,123 in pension contributions. The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has previously called for head teachers pay to be capped at the prime minister's salary, £142,500.

The top of the pay scale for head teachers is £109,000 for those working in the largest London state schools, but governors are allowed to offer more.

Ted Purcell, the public services officer for the GMB, said: "It is outrageous that a headteacher in a local community school should earn more money than the prime minister. A pay rise of over £20,000 for one head in Wandsworth is a downright disgrace and a slap in the face for GMB members now facing a pay freeze.

"There is a complete lack of accountability when schools are opted out of local authority control. This demonstrates that opposition to academy status is well founded as these new schools will be a law unto themselves.

"GMB want to see all schools being excellent local schools accountable to parents, the community and locally elected politicians."