Top US general summoned to the White House

General Stanley McChrystal to face Barack Obama after criticising US officials in magazine interview

General Stanley McChrystal has been summoned to the White House by US President Barack Obama to explain his criticism of top officials.

He is expected to find out whether he will be sacked, after making comments in Rolling Stone magazine that both men described as "poor judgement".

As well as a one-on-one meeting with Obama, McChrystal will also attend a monthly White House meeting on Afghanistan and Pakistan, at which many of the officials he criticised will be present.

It is also possible that he will have a one-on-one with the defence secretary, Robert Gates.

McChrystal has already apologised for the magazine article, "The Runaway General", due out on Friday. He said: "It was a mistake reflecting poor judgement and should never have happened."

The article quotes McChrystal saying that he was unimpressed with Obama from the outset, and that the president looked "uncomfortable and intimidated" among senior military officers.

He also mocks vice-president Joe Biden, and criticises the US ambassador to Kabul, Karl Eikenberry, Obama's special representative to Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, and the president's national security adviser, Jim Jones.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the president was "angry" and that McChrystal had made "an enormous mistake".